Technology Highlights

Multi-language compatible IBAX virtual machine

IBAX has its own smart contract language named “Needle”, which works seamlessly with ethereum smart contracts and supports Solidity, Go, Rust and other languages to create smart contracts.

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The most widely compatible
Smart Contracts Engine
One-click import
Smart contracts from other blockchains
Multiple contract types
Type: Delayed Contract, Trigger Contract...

Contract editor

Simple and easy-to-use online contract editor

Weaver is a clear integrated development tool built on the IBAX chain, an IDE dedicated to the IBAX network, That has many powerful features. You can develop, deploy and manage smart contracts on Weaver, but also Weaver can set your eco-governance parameters, import various services in BaaS, etc.. It can also be used as a learning platform.

"IBAX is a blockchain infrastructure framework sufficient to support complex global operations. Providing good compatibility for developers of other blockchains is something that is important to us."
Alan Mclvor COO

Import smart contracts

Import smart contracts from other blockchains with just one-click

Weaver supports smart contract files in API, Json and other formats, and can import smart contracts in a modular form to be used in user's DAO quickly.


Smart Contract Manager

Smart Contracts Preview and Management

Weaver provides contract management function, after entering your ecoLib Management interface, you can clearly view all smart contracts, data tables, and fields within the ecoLib, making it easier for you to maintain and expand the Eco content.


More features of IBAX

Create your blockchain project

Fast BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) system support, one-click to complete the project release, provide one-click coin issuance function, let your project go live easily