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If you are a blockchain technology enthusiast, you will experience more technological innovations at IBAX.

If you are a bug finder, find IBAX vulnerabilities or solve the vulnerabilities, you will be rewarded with coins.

If you are an innovator, submit your proposal here and you will receive support from the IBAX team, whether it is financial or technical.


Encourage developers to join the IBAX Ecosystem and complete their own ecosystem development.

Submit your creative ideas on GitHub, get IBAX Foundation approved and you will get help and support from IBAX technical team. Keep GitHub updated, and get IBAX tokens rewarded and development costs returned after completing the application.

Excellent eco-applications will be rewarded continuously, and the IBAX Foundation will give developers a generous IBXC coin reward and media support every month or quarter based on eco-activity and contributions.

Find exciting topics

The IBAX Foundation encourages you to enter our Technology Research Center and make your brilliant suggestions, we will seriously consider all good suggestions, and the IBAX Foundation will give a generous coin reward for the adopted questions.

Create a topic, IBAX is wonderful because of you

Reward for finding bugs

You can get 10 ~ 50,000 IBAX coins for discovering IBAX bugs or solving IBAX bugs.

Find bugs, receive rewards
Bugs that have gained rewards
develop-8 Honor Developers

We will never forget developers who have made outstanding contributions to IBAX, and at IBAX you will be honored and rewarded with a generous amount of coins.