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The cross-ledger base nodes (CLBs) in the IBAX network are designed for cross-chain, with the flexibility to configure CLB performance and deployment as needed, without duplication of effort, to easily access external system data and create connections, or to process and format the data yourself.

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Protect data cross-chain accuracy
Ensure asset cross-chain security
Comprehensive cross-chain network

Cross-chain transmission

Promote value interchange between blockchains

A true cross-chain communication solution is not only the transmission of digital assets, but also the transmission of rich data sets and smart contract operations between chains, as well as the transmission of dApp-specific data, NFTs, and so on.

"Decentralized and trustless cross-chains have always been expected by people. Only the real cross-chain can let everyone feel confident to realize the mutual exchange of assets, without worrying about anyone stealing funds, which is in line with the blockchain "distrust concept"."
David Morrison Professor


Solid foundation for cross-chain data interaction

CLB unique and innovative contract verification mechanism, when the external system needs to call the on-chain contract to perform on-chain operations, IBAX public network will verify the contract hash is correct during and after the execution to determine the off-chain and on-chain interaction handshake is trusted and secure, which can guarantee that there is no risk of tampering with the contract during the interaction.


Flexible configuration

Anyone can create

Decentralized and trustless cross-chain is not a product of decentralization in the guise of decentralization, it is true decentralization that allows digital asset transfer, data transfer and smart contract operations between blockchains without developer permission and without developer interferences. Not only can they enable this functionality for themselves, but by deploying CLB they can also provide cross-chain communication services for other development teams.


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