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Improve transaction efficiency through transaction sharding

Transaction sharding is like different lanes of the same pool, and it is an effective way to separate business to improve efficiency. Theoretically the finer the slicing, the more efficient the execution will be, but it is also important to take into account the situation when a large number of cross-slice operations arise, so balance is the most important thing.

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Sharding from the time the public and private keys are generated
Sharding according to different business types
It is not the more shards the better, need to adapt to local conditions

Network fragmentation

Improve communication and synchronization mechanisms through network fragmentation

IBAX is a global-oriented blockchain framework, and because of the network latency caused by regional differences, we have divided the network to improve network efficiency through honor nodes in the current region.

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Cross-Sharing Transaction

Cross-Sharding transactions do not affect execution efficiency or performance

Cross-region transactions, whether network sharding or transaction sharding, are handled by the transaction consensus mechanism and in this way both improve efficiency and do not sacrifice performance.


The same blockchain

IBAX unifies shards by consensus

IBAX persists in the principle of one chain and realizes transaction sharding through the honor nodes and consensus mechanism deployed worldwide.


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Create your blockchain project

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