Go beyond the pursuit of customer privacy and security

A key component of every aspect of IBAX is "defense in depth", protecting user privacy and data security is the foundation of cryptocurrency. IBAX deploys a multi-layered security matrix to ensure the safety of client assets from cyber attacks, internal attacks and human error.

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Keeping your data secure
Comply with global privacy and security regulations
Prohibit personal data leakage

Security and Privacy

Protect personal information with Bank Grade Security

The attribute of decentralization makes it impossible to link to the real identity in the blockchain world and protects personal privacy to the utmost extent. In the technical implementation, IBAX adopts homomorphic encryption, asset locking, smart contract zero-knowledge proof, and unreadable key pairs. The most advanced cryptography technologies such as key pair (smart contract encryption) cross-chain mechanism and multi-chain isolation ensure the personal safety and privacy of IBAX to the greatest extent.

"Security is the spire of the pyramid, and privacy is the jewel on the spire. We pay more attention to security and privacy than anything else. Only targetted attention can ensure the security of the blockchain, the security of users, and the security of funds. Strictly abiding by the international privacy guidelines. Your privacy is completely under your control."
Simon Hemmrich Senior Consultant

Built for safety

Date security is our priority

The elliptical symmetric encryption mechanism based on the blockchain and the HASH encryption mechanism ensure the safety and reliability of the data transmission process. The data results are stored in the IBAX network through HASH mapping, and the change records are clearly visible.


Committed to protecting personal property

Multi-level encryption to ensure the safety of your personal property

IBAX uses public and private keys to encrypt and decrypt signature verification. Only its users can use their own private keys to decrypt, ensuring the security of data and identity. And deposit the encrypted currency into a decentralized wallet, and use multi-party digital signature technology to ensure the safety of your property.


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