Future viable businesses are distributed, convenient, and have common capabilities.

IBAX provides a stable and reliable channel for the transfer of business data (assets, tokens, certificates, etc.) and interactions with it. IBAX’s self-developed blockchain network architecture Weaver (ecoLib management tool) ensures the sustainable expansion of cross-chain operations and real value outputs.

According to simulation tests on the early IBAX basic network in an imperfect environment, the average TPS is 3,000+. In our development, we will continuously meet the needs of an increasing amount of businesses.



IBAX has released White Paper Beta V_1.1.
The White Paper will focus on the important parts of the IBAX eco-network, including the unique technical architecture, governance model, ecosystem nodes, and economic models, etc.


Upgraded Bitcoin Encryption

Double encryption: SHA256 to ensure hash correctness and the secp256k1 ECC ECDSA to generate public and private keys for signatures and verification.


Compatible Consensus

DPOA is a decentralized consensus mechanism, and each ecosystem can use its own consensus mechanism.

Commercial Demand Storage Standard

A block is created every four seconds. About 21,600 blocks are produced daily. Each packaging node participates in production of a new block and verifies its validity.


Effective Processing

IBAX block size is 64 MB. Block size defines the execution efficiency, concurrency, and to a large extent the overall performance of a blockchain.

Scalable Transmission

Under high-volume transaction requests in the laboratory environment, the current peak TPS is 3,000. After adjusting the data transmission, data storage, and the consensus mechanism, we expect to reach 10,000 TPS.


Transparent Ecosystem Governance

Honor Nodes package and produce new blocks and store all the data. Guardian Nodes store the data, ensure the complete execution of the consensus mechanism, and can be upgraded to Honor Nodes through voting. Private Nodes can be used as private data storage. They are based on the P2P protocol and allow access to authorized nodes. CLB (Cross Ledgers Base) solves the problem of off-chain data acquisition and will add great value to commercial applications.

Cross-chain + DeFi .

Only decentralized cross-chain is the real cross-chain

The concept of cross-chain is not new. The centralized method has been applied and even recognized by some. What we need to do is the decentralized cross-chain that is hoped for but not realized to date — the real cross-chain.

The world is wonderful because of diversity. We pursue inclusion, efficiency, and convenience. We have done a lot of thinking about better accommodation of the value of other chains.

We explore more possibilities and want to realize them with you.


IBAX Value.

Rich Ecosystem Applications

1. Fast and easy ecoLib construction

2. Simple and easy to use ecoLib management tool Weaver

3. DPOA decentralized ecosystem consensus

4. Cross-ecoLib data sharing and resource exchange

5. An ecoLib is a platform to build rich DAPPS


Blockchain Operating System Platform

IBAX Network is a practical enterprise-level service product based on a blockchain network and launched after years of experience in core fields like distributed parallel computing, PaaS, BaaS, data management, and secure encryption.

1. Honor Nodes: data distribution, packaging, and verification

2. Guardian Nodes: full data synchronization

3. Mint Nodes: distributed storage, i-Files storage, distributed application servers

4. Sub Nodes: store relevant data of their own physical ecoLib, built using the side chain concept

5. CLB is Cross Ledgers Base nodes outside IBAX Network operating as IBAX Network Oracles

6. Smart Contract: the smart transaction processing mechanism

7. Database: PostgreSQL, safe and efficient data storage