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Quickly create no-threshold IBAX applications

You will have EcoLib-creatorship:
Obtaining ecoLib naming rights
Define ecoLib-joining permissions
Setting up ecoLib-governance methods
Issuing identity
Circulating Coins/Tokens


Customize the number of tokens and issuance methods

You can also Receive eco-coin/token fees
Obtain the naming rights of tokens
Add token logo
Set the number of tokens to be issued
Set up token incentives
Smart Contract

Smart Contract

Use smart contracts to maintain ecological stability

One-click import Contracts from other chains or:
Reference IBAX basic smart contracts
Write your own smart contracts online
Adding eco-applications
Manage eco-contracts

Get eco-incentive rewards

The IBAX Foundation encourages individual developers and teams to join the IBAX ecosystem, and will hold regular eco-competitions to give excellent eco-applications a generous reward.
What you might need

How to create an ecoLib quickly and maintain it effectively

Materials and videos will help you make better use of the IBAX network

Developer Manual

Detailed help documentation will help you to quickly familiarize yourself with the application.

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BaaS Demo Video

Detailed help documentation will help you to quickly familiarize yourself with the application.

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BaaS Applications


Quickly create an ecosystem and issue coins with one click.

Full Node Information

Each node in the blockchain is public and arrives at the node via a P2P transfer protocol to enable data to be passed between them.


Provide multiple voting templates, including joint network join template, modification of platform parameters template, modification of eco-parameters template, token refund template, eco-value certification template, and general voting template. Includes templates for modifying the parameters of all the above templates, and supports customized voting.

Supply chain

Provide complete cargo transportation data for the supply chain, accurately record the outbound and in-transit time of goods, and control the quality of goods storage. Apply blockchain financial attributes to provide comprehensive blockchain technology services for supply chain finance.


Decentralised Defi for your Tokens without the risk of coin theft.

Membership Management

Eco-members govern together, form a stable community, and decide changes in ecological parameters through voting.

Federated network

Displays a record of applications to join the federated network. You can create a voting request to join the joint network, which is resolved by the specified role.

Network Security

A secure network based on blockchain communication with cryptographic mechanisms, multiple signatures and cold wallet technology combined.

Decentralized chat

View chat records, showing all chats about yourself in the current ecoLib. Initiate one-to-one chats, so that private content is not known to the outside world. Support for group chats, where people can talk and share their views.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is the ecosystem built on the IBAX public network highly trusted?

1. The IBAX Network is a highly compatible, microservices-based, integrated blockchain infrastructure;

2. In order to prevent the occurrence of fraud and other malicious events that are common in the existing blockchain world, the IBAX network combines economic theories and scenario requirements in the technical implementation of the most advanced cryptographic technologies such as homomorphic encryption, asset locking, zero knowledge proof of smart contracts, unreadable secret key pairs (smart contract encryption) cross-chain mechanism, multi-chain isolation, etc., to ensure to the maximum extent that the projects of the ecological library and ecological clusters on the IBAX network are more fair, transparent and fraud-free;

3. consensus level using DPOA upgraded version of the authorized proof of work, as the IBAX ecology continues to develop and grow, commercialization will be incorporated into the legal regulation makes the ecological reversal more robust.

What is the real ecosystem ?

The existing blockchain is a "self-managed" system, and the reality of the "DAO" is still quite far from the ideal perfect "DAO". The main factor is that data cannot be accessed from outside the blockchain. This is why cross-chain projects such as "Chainlink" have emerged. The main purpose of these projects is to connect data from different data sources outside the chain to the blockchain, to enable the in-chain execution of regular data, and to achieve a credible data exchange.

In the IBAX public network, the cross-chain/cross-data function has been completed, so that data from different off-chain data sources can be easily and quickly accessed into the IBAX network, which can be built into a real ecosystem and complete the blockchaining of production and life in the real world.

What is cross-chaining, what are the scenarios in which it can be used, and what changes can it bring to our lives ?

IBAX's cross-chain enables a decentralised cross-chain through CLB technology collection contract cryptography, allowing asset safe-keeping and asset locking to be done automatically through smart contracts. This decentralised cross-chain is the fundamental solution to cross-chain technology.

What is low-code development ?

IBAX has integrated many basic smart contracts and BaaS functions. You only need to refer to the relevant contract to the ecology, or you can complete it through the visual page: one-click currency issuance, ecology management, voting, etc. These functions are greatly reduced The workload of the developer.

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