EcoLib autonomy

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The management of an ecosystem can take many forms, including: whether to issue passes, whether to support eco-consensus and mining practices, and whether to allow ecosystem members to not spend any GAS fees, which should be left to the DAO to decide. These are the most important foundational things in the ecosystem, and neither Ethereum nor Binance can achieve them all. In IBAX, you can create a ''utopia'' like this.

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Eco-Consensus and Fees
Eco-Coin Issuance
Eco-Economic Governance
Eco-Mining & Incentives

Eco-Governance Model

Eco-Coins, GAS fees and mining are all defined by the ecosystem itself

You can customise these eco-set-ups to suit your own ideas. The combination of multiple formats can cater for all application scenarios, allowing you to realise your business model while taking into account the governance and promotion of your eco-members.

Business is a complex and volatile environment, we take the essence of business to abstract out the attributes of: Coins/tokens (money), GAS fees (tax), consensus (law), mining (economy) and leave it to the ecosystem to decide, so that any business environment can be implemented in IBAX.
Priscilla Wang Public Affairs Specialist

EcoLib economy

Eco-GAS fee collection and withholding

Inner-Eco transactions require a certain amount of IBXC to be deducted as the chain's GAS fee. This model allows eco members to simply follow and hold eco tokens, and allows eco creators to focus more on their actual business.


Eco Scalability

Cross-chain based eco-applications

The ecosystem can use all the infrastructure facilities of IBAX, including the use of CLB for 'cross-chain'. You can implement all applications in the ecosystem for gaming, sales, community operations, government matters, etc.


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