Decentralized authority

Use multiple signatures to decentralize account authorities

To transfer funds from a multi-signature account (N), authorization from (M) multi-signature accounts is required. m+n>51% to complete the transfer.

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Decentralized account authority is equivalent to decentralized private key
Avoid centralized authority when multiple parties collaborate
Flexibility, account weights can be adjusted

Wallet security

Multi-signature wallet prevents private key leakage

In an unsafe environment where private keys can be exposed, a multi-signature wallet will effectively prevent hackers from hacking into your private key.

"The concept of decentralisation is the foundation of blockchain, and multiple signature technology upholds and applies this concept very well. This technology also does a good job of avoiding the problem of centralised authorities, applied in business scenarios such as Defi and exchanges."
Rakib Sajid PhD in Cryptography

On-chain notification

Signature transfers are notified to associated accounts on the blockchain

When a signature transfer is initiated, the IBAX network will synchronise the notification to the associated account on the blockchain. The notification is encrypted and readable only by the associated account, so there is no need for you to inform the associated account by other means.


Compared to cold wallets

Safer and more reliable than cold wallet

Multi-signature accounts are more secure and reliable than cold wallets, multiple private keys have flexible storage options and decentralised authorities are far more secure than centralised management.


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