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Functions of Weaver

How to create a new ecoLib ? EcoLib is fast to create. the creator has all the administrative rights.


Weaver is for IBAX developers

The BaaS function has been added to Weaver and you can use it to create and manage your ecosystem.

If you have trouble in developing

The IBAX team is tech-driven and interested in all development issues and we will respond in a timely manner to questions within the community.

Developer documentation

1. Documentation on IBAX blockchain

2. Documentation on Weaver

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Developers Forum

You can look up questions here and if you don't get a solution, other developers in the community will give you the answers you need in a timely manner.

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Issues and Feedback

If you find a serious bug, please let us know and our engineers will deal with it as soon as possible. If the problem is confirmed, you will also get a reward.

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Open to developers, submit smart contracts to BaaS marketplace to get income

IBAX has opened up a BaaS application platform for developers to submit solutions to receive a reward once they have been approved by the audit team, in a form to be set by the developer.


Multiple payment models

The solution you submit allows you to set three payment methods:

1. Deductions on installation and use, which is a one-time deduction mechanism that deducts the user's installation and use fees.

2. On-use deduction, where a deduction occurs when the solution is used within the application, this is an ongoing deduction that occurs on an ongoing basis.

3. Combined deduction, where a certain amount is deducted at installation and a certain amount is still deducted each time the solution is used.


Code Security Auditing

The IBAX code review team will do a security review of all smart contracts submitted to the BaaS marketplace to protect every user's safety and the developer's profit.


Low Code

Low Code is extremely user-friendly for all developers and for this reason the IBAX team offers a Low Code development platform, which we call "Weaver".


Ecological management

In Weaver you can rapidly create an ecosystem via a visualisation page, using a choice of configurations to initialise the ecosystem rules, and members who join the ecosystem will have to abide by your ecosystem rules.

Weaver also supports visual interoperation of one-click importing of contracts from other blockchains. If you are an experienced eco-developer, you can use this feature to seamlessly reference your ecosystem in other blockchains.


Online contract editor

Online smart contract editor, providing contract framework and templates to help developers fast develop eco contracts.

Save-and-Upload, you can choose to publish the completed contract after it has been successfully saved, and apply it to the ecosystem.

Provides drag-and-drop features that allow you to add controls, which reduces repetitive development work.



A large number of basic templates have been added to Weaver, such as: poll templates, message templates, BaaS applications, member management, etc. These templates can be added directly to your ecology via a visual page.



  • 2019.Q2

    IBAX NetworkVision White Paper V1.0 released

  • 2019.Q4

    IBAX Network 1.0 Official website online IBAX public Network infrastructure

  • 2020.Q1

    Built-in DAPPs such as one-click creation of new ecology and DAO governance voting system are set up on the internal test chain Optimize test node parameters and contract logic Launch Early developer test network ecosystem

  • 2021.Q2

    IBAX Network whitePaper V2.0 update iteration Main chain consensus optimization and upgrade iteration Realize a distributed network based on the IBAX Network main chain and the combination of nodes and hardware Release the visual development component platform Weaver on IBAX Network Optimize on-chain transaction processing Optimize incentive management mechanism Complete partial payment management

  • 2021.Q3

    IBAX Network new website online Launch of the global Alpha mainnet

  • 2021.Q4

    Open construction ecology Interface compatibility and perfection of the mainstream chain Links to apps compatible with multiple wallets

  • 2022.Q2

    Comprehensively construct and improve the blockchain infrastructure Support cross-chain asset agreement Foundation investment to introduce business ecology

  • 2022.Q3-Q4

    Improve meta-universe infrastructure Open NFT, DEFI ecological market

  • 2023.Q1-Q3

    Upgrade the P2P distributed network service under IBAX Network

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