Private Transaction

Anonymous transactions for privacy and security

In the IBAX network, we have designed two implementations, zero-knowledge proof of transactions and zero-knowledge proof of smart contracts. In all modern blockchain networks driven by smart contracts, only zero-knowledge proof of smart contracts can guarantee the security and privacy of transaction data.

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Robust privacy protection mechanisms
Transactions are not traceable
Personal transaction data is not compromised

Technical Support

‘Black box’ technology

In the IBAX network, we use advanced homomorphic encryption, a cryptographic technique based on the computational complexity theory of mathematical puzzles, which allows arbitrary calculations to be performed on ciphertext data and ensures that the results are accurate and only the owner of the data has access to it, protecting your privacy during the transaction.

"As private trading would make assets secure and untraceable, High-frequency quantitative trading between users makes it more secure, and to some extent fills a market need for anonymous trading."
Simon Hemmrich Senior Consultant

Anonymous transaction

Establish a financial federal system

A financial federation system is the use of one cryptocurrency to receive the same amount of cryptocurrency from others. It allows users to quickly and efficiently mix their funds with those of other users, creating a random relationship between the existing user account and the new account after mixing the coins. The principle is to separate the input and output addresses in a transaction, thus protecting privacy and achieving anonymity.


Secure Transaction

The "safe deposit box" function

In the IBAX network, each account has a ''safe deposit box'' where different assets can be stored in cipher text, so that even after switching accounts, the same assets can be transferred to the current account by entering the same cipher text, making identity concealment and asset switching more secure.

In the IBAX network, each account has a "safe", and different assets can be stored in the safe in cipher text. Even after switching accounts, entering the same cipher text can transfer the same assets to the current account and let the identity Concealment and asset conversion are more secure.


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