Incentive Plan

A variety of eco-incentive plans

The IBAX Foundation has created a variety of ecoLib incentive plans. You can join the corresponding project team according to the team size and application type, and these activities are held regularly on time.

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Creative ecological application

Realise your brilliant ideas through the IBAX network and provide users with applications that meet their needs. It doesn't have to be a grand idea, even a small idea that makes a difference will be highly encouraged.


The leading eco-application of future technology

The development of blockchain technology never stops, and the IBAX team is still pursuing technological breakthroughs and innovations. We seek like-minded technical teams to work together to build the IBAX technology, and to this end, the IBAX Foundation will encourage development teams or people in a number of ways.


Create something amazing!

IBAX is a foundation blockchain for development and we welcome companies, entrepreneurs, groups or individual developers from all over the planet to realize your ideas through the IBAX network. We will hold a variety of exciting and rewarding events over the long-term and look forward to your participation.

Simon Hemmrich
Senior Consultant
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IBAX token rewards

In order to lower the threshold for IBAX eco-developers and reduce developer expenses, eco-sites that are recognised by the IBAX community will be rewarded with IBAX passes from the Foundation.


Technical support from the IBAX team

If you have a fantastic idea but don't have the technical skills to make it happen, you can try contacting the IBAX team, and after getting approval, the IBAX team will solve all your technical problems for free.


Great projects are sure to be rewarded with various kinds of incentives

The IBAX Foundation is responsible for the operation and development of the IBAX network and is always looking for outstanding eco-projects. For these eco-incentives including funding, technology, publicity and promotion, this incentive will be all-round to get the best out of your project.


Create your blockchain project

Fast BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) system support, one-click to complete the project release, provide one-click coin issuance function, let your project go live easily