Off-chain communication

Break the closed space of the blockchain

Blockchain usually uses "Oracle" as a tool to interact with Off-blockchain data in order to secure the data. In IBAX, we have created CLB - Cross Ledger Base Node, which not only can refer external data to internal chain for use, but also will become a reality for both assets and data across blockchains;

The CLB can also be used as a data processing center for the operation of the multi-party computing model in "edge computing", and the IBAX network will confirm the uniformity of the model, while the results of the edge computing will be transmitted point-to-point through the IP of the other network node set in the CLB in asymmetric encryption mode, thus making the original data invisible, i.e., ensuring the security of the original data and achieving the purpose of the conclusion available.

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Rich data within the blockchain
Improved business scenarios
More opportunities
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Cross-system support
Enabling Federal Learning and Edge Computing

Data Diversification

Can reference any data outside the blockchain

If weather data, stock market data, geographic information, etc. can be cited within the blockchain, utilizing these data on the Internet to the fullest extent and bringing together the decentralized mechanism of blockchain, that will truly change the world.

"Blockchain was affected by many limitations, off-chain data verification affected the development of blockchain. The Cross-Ledger Base Node (CLB) is like opening a door to the world of the Internet, and you can use it to achieve anything you want."
Simon Hemmrich Senior Consultant

Light and fast

Rapid deployment of Cross-Ledger Base nodes (CLBs)

Cross-Ledger Base nodes (CLBs) are no different from other nodes in deployment, and you can deploy them to computer devices on your own to meet the premise of cross-ledger Base nodes (CLBs) consensus, which can access off-chain data through smart contracts.


Hybrid Smart Contracts

Create Hybrid Smart Contracts

Using CLB nodes to create hybrid smart contracts, you can apply it to any Dapp that needs to do data interaction with off-chain such as Defi, NFT, games, smart lending, etc.


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