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Cross-chain + DeFi


Decentralized cross-chain has been difficult to implement due to the necessity of: 1) a cross-chain account system and asset identification; 2) cross-chain asset lock-up and effective release of stablecoins on-chain. These are the main directions of our research. We realized the cross-chain data access through off-chain transmission nodes. The reading process and records are stored on-chain.

We are working hard to complete the environment of asset conversion and asset lock-up through the consensus mechanism.

Transaction Sharding

IBAX Network performs node and transaction sharding. The originally congested and lengthy transaction packaging queue is divided into multiple shorter queues through organized break-up and reconcentration of transactions and nodes.

With different consensus and processing algorithms and multisig verification mechanism, the packaging efficiency has been successfully improved by orders of magnitude.

The number of shards increases along with the number of nodes. In case transaction number increases, IBAX's sharding mechanism brings a completely different effect. The more the number of nodes, the higher the number of transactions and the shards, and the greater the transaction throughput. This brings proportional performance improvement of the main chain along with the increase of transactions and nodes.





CLB is Cross Ledgers Base nodes outside IBAX Network operating as IBAX Network Oracles. CLB can be used to complete on-chain data interaction with systems of the same data structure as IBAX.

Running as an independent node, CLB does not affect the performance of the Master Node. You can deploy CLB nodes and configure their performance flexibly according to your service needs. In a complete CLB application, there are independent smart contracts, operation interfaces, and database tables. Its operation interface may be an app coded in Weaver or a front-end interface implemented directly through API.

CLB is designed to meet cross-chain needs. Through its own data reading function and the asset lock and conversion feature of smart contracts, external assets can become assets in IBAX ecoLibs.

CLB can not only obtain data from external systems through contracts, but also process and format the data used by IBAX Network. For example, weather data, external authentication results, and even Bloomberg or Wikipedia data can be accessed for use on blockchain.


Private Transactions

One of the key features of blockchain is openness. Anyone can retrieve the data of all blocks from the chain. Although blockchain projects, including Bitcoin, use anonymous transactions, it is still possible to identify both transacting parties by analyzing the data address and relevant IPs. In some transactions, people do not need or want to let others know the details, especially the object of transaction.

IBAX Network provides a Private Data Pool where each account has a private address. All private transactions are sent to the Private Data Pool and the recipient obtains the private data or assets asynchronously.