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Technical Documentation

Smart contracts have become inseparable from blockchain. They are very common and easy to learn.

Our smart contract language has adopted some of the great ideas of Ethereum. We have also introduced many innovations that suit IBAX.

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About Our Technology .

Underlying Framework

Three main advantages of Golang:

1.Quick compilation. It takes just a few seconds to compile a big project like ours.

2. The decoupled object relationship allows developers to have more self-expression. No mistakes, of course.

3. The perfect recycling mechanism reflects the ease of use.

Data Storage
PG Database

Databases are an efficient storage method. We choose them to support more data types and larger capacity.

They are open and transparent and you can check their contents anytime.

Alterations ? Impossible !

Cryptography Applications

The mainstream generation method for secure hashes.


SECP256k1 is an ECC algorithm. It generates public and private keys and ensures their uniqueness and security.

These Functions Ease The Developers' Work .

Platform Features

*The Location of Storage Platform Parameters

Platform parameter change

* Platform parameter configuration

* Blockchain network configuration

New ecoLib configuration

Database configuration

Block production configuration

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Open Server Configuration Files

* Example of configuration files

Structure of configuration files

Location of configuration files

* Introduction to server configuration files

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Error response

* Certified interfaces

* Server command interface

* Data request function interface

Indicator interface acquisition

* ecoLib interface

* Contract function interface

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Never Ordinary, Always Innovative .

Front End Logicor Language

A language similar to HTML. You can write any on-chain IBAX program with it.

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Back End Needle Language

In this efficient smart contract language, we have encapsulated many practical and proven basic methods for a faster understanding.

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Functions of Weaver .

Related Technologies.