Although we may speak different languages, we all use technology to solve problems. Distance cannot prevent us from pursuing fast and efficient trust.

In the blockchain world, there is still much to explore. Everyone has the inexpressible creativity. We can unite to express it and bring some new magic to life together.

If you have something you want to tell us or someone like-minded you can refer, feel free to contact us.


Ecosystem Reward Plan

Ecosystem is a vital component of blockchain. To introduce developers and builders of applied ecoLibs who will start a career in IBAX DApps, IBAX Ecosystem Summit will start a USD 150,000 incentive plan after the testnet release!

Open Source Testing Bounty

We pay much attention to elimination of security issues, simulation of various hacking methods, and use a large number of attack techniques to prove the security and stability of our chain. We invite technology experts to find vulnerabilities or security issues in IBAX, and are willing give generous rewards. Coming soon!

Ecosystem Summit

We will start the Ecosystem Construction Summit shortly after the test is launched and will explain the bottom layer, ecoLibs, product tools, and development of IBAX blockchain comprehensively. We will attract developers and business partners to build our ecology together. (Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, we cannot rule out holding a live broadcast event if the situation requires so).