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Blockchain Expert


1. Technical research on data security and privacy protection, provision of feasibility reports and thorough analysis documents.

2. Design of a security architecture for a completely secure private key management system, improvement and optimization of the existing management model.

3. Research on and application of cutting-edge cryptography technologies, implementation of cryptographic algorithms and their performance optimization, including homomorphic encryption, zero-knowledge proof etc. algorithms of the blockchain field, output of theoretical and/or technical results.

4. Good communication and integration with the team, understanding of our current technical system, suggestions on improvements.


1. PhD in cryptography, information security, or applied mathematics.

2. Familiar with cryptography, understanding and using the common cryptographic algorithms, and familiar with related cryptography standards.

3. Skilled at performing the corresponding design work using Golang.

4. Skilled at the principle and code implementation of hash functions, proficient in common algorithm principles of symmetric and asymmetric encryption.

5. Candidates familiar with ring signatures, aggregate signatures, homomorphic encryption, zero-knowledge proof, and post-quantum cryptography theory are preferred.

6. Candidates with papers published in well-known international journals and conferences on cryptography or information security are preferred.

7. Rich experience in implementation of alliance chains in finance.


Network Transmission Engineer


1. Follow, explore, and practice future network technologies and architecture solutions.

2. Design and develop new network protocols and network architecture solutions.

3. Write white papers and papers on cutting-edge network technologies and applications.

4. Design applicable solutions for the data center and edge computing scenarios.


1. Skilled at next-generation Internet-related technologies: IPv6, SDN, etc.

2. Skilled at technologies related to trusted network security, encryption, and decryption.

3. Proficient in DHT principles, P2P network technologies, IPFS, and blockchain.

4. Understanding and skilled at cloud computing and container technology.

5. Understanding and skilled at the Internet of Things and edge computing.

6. Experienced in network algorithm simulation and standard formulation.

Blockchain Planner


1. Design of the blockchain platform and application architecture, formulation of the system architecture plan, design of the system architecture of customized products according to customer needs.

2. Guidance of and participation in the development of the core functions of the blockchain platform, solving technical problems in the system development and application process, iteration of the blockchain system architecture and performance optimization.

3. Following of the cutting-edge technologies related to blockchain, introduction of new technologies, and promotion of the implementation of blockchain platforms and applications.


1. Able to plan and manage the system architecture, formulate and implement technical specifications and security strategies.

2. Solid computer software skills, proficient in data structures and algorithms, familiar with object-oriented programming, understanding cryptography, security protocols, and encryption algorithms.

3. Highly skilled in Linux system maintenance, familiar with multithreading, distributed processing, microservices, and container clouds.

4. Experienced in distributed system architectures and P2P applications, understanding the mainstream consensus algorithms (PoS, DPoS, PBFT, Raft, etc.), and proficient in smart contract development and optimization.

5. Proficient in at least one language among Go, Python, and Java.

6. Familiar with the design and optimization technologies of relational and NoSQL databases, understanding the use of distributed file systems.

7. Familiar with HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2 protocols, RESTful, understand the RPC framework, experienced in using protobuf.


Consensus Algorithm Architect


1. Having the basic knowledge of blockchain protocols, encryption technologies, consensus algorithms, smart contracts, etc.

2. Design and development of blockchain public chains.

3. Organization of formulation and implementation of technical decisions and plans, architecture design, upgrading, and optimization.

4. Realization of the blockchain protocol, operating mechanism, encryption technology, consensus algorithm, and underlying implementation.

5. Participation in the optimization and reconstruction of related subsystems and business processes, R&D optimization.

6. Active exploration of blockchain implementation scenarios, continuous support for the company' s business development.

7. Understanding of the mainstream consensus algorithms, including but not limited to PoW, PoS, DPoS, PBFT, Raft, etc.

8. Familiar with the basic theories and methods of data mining and machine learning, understanding of the use of common libraries for machine learning.

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